Thirsting to Know


19 years, and

I am


A hollowed deep vase.


Water flows in, but

Only some keep,

Others leak

Between the cracks.

The things I know

Are memorized facts

From thick papers, bound.

Necessity’s sake.

Did I thirst to learn it?

Did I care about the entity,

Or just the resulting


Printed success,

Always for an end



I learned for my dreams

Did not dream to learn

Did not learn for

Learning’s sake,

Did not relish the words,

Soak in knowledge’s


From head to toe,

Washing my body with

Its softened rocks,

Massaging my scalp with

Its rosewater,

Quenching my thirst

Through gulps

Of pure gold

That seep into my veins, bloodied,

Invigorating the mind, body, and soul.


No, I splashed through the waters

To cross the other side



It was always a race.

Sometimes a sprint

Other times a marathon,

But always to compete.




19 years later,

I am



But I no longer



The other runner,

Or look back

For fear of being


Are the days

When learning was


To an



Now I soak in knowledge’s

Divine waters.

Gently, methodically,

Without haste,

And learn

For learning’s sake.



  1. Just out of my own nosy curiosity, your writing style makes me want to know what type of genre you enjoy most? Who are your favorite literary authors? I usually like to think of old English literature as some quaint measure of poetic appreciation, since I don’t find too much interest in contemporary stuff. But share that too, my nosy nose is long and patient, hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm that’s hard for me haha! In terms of genre, I actually really enjoy futuristic books (love brave new world). and mystery (gone girl soo good). but really any book with great writing i’m down for. Authors that come to mind are virginia woolf, khaled hosseini, and joseph heller. i also tend toward older classics versus current contemporary books haha 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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