Spanish Cuisine and Culture :)

As promised, I have a collection of my food experiences in Spain for you guys :). Unlike Americans, the Spanish eat a small breakfast, and a larger lunch at 2-3 pm, and dinner at 9 pm. So overall, food is pushed back at a later time. Since most people will get out of work by 3 pm, they usually eat lunch after work. During work, they’ll eat a snack and Continue reading

A piece of paradise

I’m in Pontevedra, Spain for some of the summer. It’s a northwest city near the coast, and breathtakingly beautiful. On the taxi ride to Pontevedra, I was seriously bewildered by the rolling hills, quaint, orange roofed houses, and rich blue sea. Although I’m not a habitual photo taker, this trip is an exception. I’ve been flipping out my phone to take photos of literally everything haha. So I decided to share my photos with you guys.

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